Support - F.A.Q

A. You may re-download the app to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, by visiting the App Store with the same account you used for the original purchase. Locate the app in the App store and tap Buy App. You will then see a dialogue box, stating that you have purchased the app before and that you may download it again for free by tapping OK.

A. If one of your App Store purchases didn't complete, you should make the purchase again from the same account. Apple will not charge you twice for an app. When you try again, make sure you are at a location with a strong Internet connection. If the download fails a second time, you could try rebooting your device and retrying.

A. The app’s sound is adjusted regardless of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch sound settings. Use the volume buttons to adjust the level accordingly when using the app. An alert will appear if the sound is set to mute when you return to play again.

A. By default a Flight Mode Alert will pop up each time you enter the application. This alert may be deactivated from the settings of the application. The alert and the corresponding setting are available only on the iPhone.

A. The interface/menus in Greek are available if your device’s “International “setting under ”General” settings is set to Greek.